Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wrapping up James 1:22-24

Wow! This week kind of flew by for me...

Maybe it flew by because I've had a lot weighing on my heart lately. Choices that need to be made. Options to explore. Life in general. And trying to walk in application of these words that have sunken into my heart and taken root, letting that which is rooted be watered, giving room for it to grow... that all weighs into these choices and options.

And I'm at peace with one choice that needs to be finalized.
And we're waiting for direction with another, but that also brings a certain peace just knowing that in the stillness of waiting there is a mighty hand at work, piecing together every detail. I pray that as we wait that we will have open ears and walk in obedience. May the will that we walk in not be permissive, may it be perfect.

Verse 22, you may notice, was part of last week as well. It just seemed right to me to carry it into this week - you know, context and what not.

This week we'll wrap up James 1 - Yay!

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