Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wrapping up James 1:21-22

After sorting through my lack of memorization over these last few weeks (and overcoming!) I wrapped up James 1:21-22 yesterday. As happy as I am to feel "caught up" on the memorization side of things, I kind of want to hang back on these two verses and just let them marinate a bit, study over them, so that I can do what they say. Thankfully, verse 22 actually carries into the context of the verses over the next two weeks.

There's just so much said here, so much to let sink in and take root. It's all too easy to merely listen to the Word - in a message, in a song, in a devotion, in prayer, in study. It's more than hearing it, more than letting it lift you up for a moment, tickle your ear. It's more than just that instance of conviction or challenge that the Word presents. That instance can fan to flame or be snuffed to a small puff of smoke - that rests in how we respond.

Do what it says...  


  1. We read or hear the Word and we instantly recall what we have learned before. This reinforces our confidence; this comforts. But we are being robbed. Every encounter should be with the invitation "Lord, what NEW thing do you have for me here? What chastening thing? I remain teachable." In this way this living Word continues to beget new life. I am saddened by a world that is drifting away from quality ready. Neither a video nor a tweet can have this impregnating effect. Friends have told ne for example that the new feature movie "Son of God" lacked supernatural power.

    1. I've not seen the new movie, but I'm not expecting too much from it since learning that it was done by the same people who did The BIble tv mini-series last year. Maybe we'll catch it on Netflix or Redbox a few months from now - maybe not.

      I agree, we must remain teachable and seeking. Always. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!