Thursday, February 13, 2014

*cough* Still... *cough* ... breathing... *sniff*

Truly, we are getting better over here. Or maybe that's just optimism. Or disillusion. Or a little bit of it all.

The husband went back to work yesterday, though his co-workers all agreed that he should have stayed home another day. He probably would have too, except then we would have had to pay for a doctors visit. But he was fever free, able to stand and talk and even smile (and hopefully no longer contagious) so it was off to work for him.

The younger two of the bunch here are on the up and up, and haven't even had to not do school work through any of this mess, so either a) they're dramatic and seeking a sick day, unsuccessfully, or b) they were blessed with the most minor case of the flu, ever.

Myself and the eldest child, we're both coughing and sneezing our heads off, but our temps are both nearly normal now, and the headache is gone (thank you sweet Jesus.) Now if someone would kindly remove the elvish knives that are lodged throughout my throat, I would greatly appreciate it.

And the one lone survivor, well, she's still surviving. She's also consumed nearly a gallon of orange juice since Monday, washed her hands non-stop (I've taught her well) and has holed up in her bedroom when not caring for the sickies. I can't say I blame her at all. She's been a great help though - picking up chores that aren't hers to do, attending to drink and med needs of the lame around her. I'm a pretty lucky momma to have such a wonderful darling to help hold up the walls of this house while the inhabitants are less than healthy.

TOMORROW - A Valentine's Day post. It's sure to make you either say "aaawwww", if you don't hate the day. Or maybe plan for next year, if you're semi crafty and like stealing ideas on the internets (that's where nearly everything I do comes from.) Or you may just gag, and that's ok too.

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