Sunday, January 15, 2012

Random Baking Tip...

Do you remember there was always that one mom on the block who couldn't make cookies? It wasn't that she didn't try, it's just that her recipe wasn't really all that good. Yeah... you remember...

Well, you too can be that mom if you do the following:
1~Cut the amount of butter the recipe calls for in half, and substitute applesauce.
2~Forget to use baking soda.
Yes, you too can be that mom, just as I was today. Now, in my defense, my oldest offspring totally cut my recipe up -  you know, the one from the back of the chocolate chip cookie bag! Yeah, she cut it all up and so I couldn't see that it called for baking soda. Of course, I knew it did - which is why the baking soda was sitting on the counter waiting to be used, I just forgot to use it. We'll blame it on someone else though.  The applesauce - that failure was all on me. Never, ever substitute applesauce for butter, at least not in cookies. Unless you want to be that mom whose cookies suck. In that case, go for it! Hey, at least you won't have the neighbor kids banging on your door, looking for cookies! (Your kids will be gone, too... could be good?!)


  1. Anything containing chocolate chips can't be all bad!

  2. yeah, actually - after they had time to set - they really weren't as bad as I had thought originally. Which is good...and bad. Good because it means they will get eaten. Bad because I may want to eat them, too!