Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Days

Seriously. I thought this blog would keep me accountable to what I need to accomplish, but I seem to avoid it as much as I do my closets. Not good, people. Not good at all.

Yes, yes, I'm still alive. Alive, breathing, walking upright, spending (countless) hours in front of this very screen I look at as I type this out - but no time on this blog.

Somebody find a stick and poke me with it. I mean, WAKE UP LADY!!! You have far too much that must be done to be doing nothing about it.

le sigh

So what have I been up to? Well...
*My boy started football. He practices a lot, and his games are weekly. He's really not too bad (if I do say so myself) and he loves it. So that keeps us busy.
*I've picked up an extra day babysitting. You know, getting your baby fix via someone elses baby is genius.
*I've been diligent in my time with God. I'm not bragging, just sayin' that what may have been lacking at times is growing in me again. I love Him so much, how can I not spend more time with Him each day?
*Two of my four kiddos had August birthdays, so we had some nice celebrations.
*We (those in the church plant) participated in our first community outreach as a "church" ~ and it was REALLY great to get out into the community and bless people with a cool treat on hot summer night!
*I've gotten back into my workout routine.
*We started another home schooling year. That in and of itself is time consuming!
*I've had car trouble (HUGE SIGH) and just got my van back today from it's second week in the shop this summer. We've put about $700 into that thing this summer ~ please God, let that be enough for now. (Not to mention that the husbands car will be dropped off next week for a brake job... it just never ends I tell ya!) Having car trouble meant HAVING to clean out both vehicles though - which means...
*The husbands car is no longer stuffed full of things from our storage unit! YAY!!!

ok, enough excuses. I'm honestly back on here tonight to share something exciting... are you ready???

Labor Day Weekend = Cleaning out the closets!!!!
It really does!
In fact, I got a head start on the work tonight. I've went through ALL of E & E's drawers and closets, pulling out the clothes they've outgrown, throwing out the undesirable socks and undies (you know how it goes), and restocking their drawers and hangers from our hand-me-down stockpiles (praise be to God for older siblings and cousins!) I have one box of girl clothes in great shape for a friend, one bag of boy clothes in great shape for my nephews, and one bag of clothes ready to make a trip to either Goodwill or The Salvation Army (whichever I happen to take everything once we're done this weekend. I haven't decided yet.)
I'm feeling accomplished and I'm feeling motivated. No need to poke me with that stick after all. The husband and I are on a mission now (well, I'm on a mission, and I'm dragging him with me!) We will get through our closet, the storage closet, and the older girls closet this weekend. We really, really will!

Now, just to keep myself feeling it necessary to make my way back here in a timely manner and share my progress once the weekend is over, I have decided to thoroughly embarrass myself. You remember how that game shelf looked in that storage closet after we had "organized" it?

er... wait. No, you don't know about that. Because I kind of forgot to post the pics here when I did that. Oops. I really am a crappy blogger.

Ok, well this is what I'm talking about...

See?! Nice, clean, semi-organized.

But, this is what happened to it...

I mean, where did that shelf of games even go? I know it's back there somewhere!

And gosh... no wonder I avoid this blog. I'm feeling all embarrassed now. Yuck.

Alrighty. I think that's enough sharing for now. I'm going in... if you don't hear from me within a week, call the police! And yes, I realize that my recent lack of blogging would make you reluctant to react so quickly - I mean surely you should give me at least a month to return victoriously BUT SERIOUSLY!!! Do you not see that disaster? I must redeem myself, quickly!

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