Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Days - pt. 2

I told you I was serious.

Progress is creeping along. Due to the ill positioning of various boxes and objects, I am, no joke, confined to either my bedroom or the storage closet. I have successfully located AND cleaned off the game shelf, moved it on top of the new (to us) book shelf in our master closet. The husband is stocking said book shelf with books - and since that is really a one person job, and I've no where to go, I figured now is a good time to update with more incriminating pictures.

Now, just to make it clear, I actually do keep a fairly clean home. I know that that truth may not be evident in my past postings. I thrive on cleanliness and organization, I really do. This picture was taken just a few days ago at the start of another day of school. Imagine how the cluttered closets have been ruining my ever cheerful disposition! 

Just a peek of what my master closet spewed out into the bedroom...

The beginnings of organization. I can just hear the heavens rejoicing!

I will return with a final update soon!

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