Friday, September 9, 2011

oh dear...

~*~*~ WARNING! Incoherent babbling possible. I'm exhausted! ~*~*~

I haven't done one of these in a while.
Of course, I haven't been consistent in my blogging in a while.
And, actually, I haven't been much of a food waster for a while.
However, that has all changed this morning.

My pictures are rated PG this morning, because I'm exhausted (slight bout of insomnia last night) and really, I don't think I could handle looking closely at this food today! Honestly, I'm not even throwing this junk away right now. Our apartment complex only has one ginormous trash compactor, located at the front of the complex, and I'm not walking this stuff up there! I won't throw it away, because what if it stinks up the laundry room? (That's where the garbage can is.) So, I'm hoping the public pictures of the garbage in my fridge will motivate me to dump it all in the garbage when the husband takes the trash out this evening.

Without further ado, my waste...

So, from top to bottom we have... some egg yolks, homemade tomato sauce,  green beans, chili sauce??? (it's better to let it remain a mystery!), a package of lunchmeat turkey, some strawberries, which will be featured further below. Then toward the front we have a bowl of whole wheat spaghetti, a package of lunchmeat ham. And there's that bottle of water in there, too, which is left from one of the kids from a few weeks ago when someone bought it for them (I pretty much refuse to buy them bottled water ~ can you guess why?!) Now, it's quite possible the lunchmeat could be edible, but I'm pretty cautious when it comes to those kinds of foods and I've decided it's best to assume the worst in those foods today.

Strawberries. They really were. Let's take a moment to be thankful for the condensation built up on the plastic wrap...

Lastly, as far as pics are concerned anyway, we have this unfinished homemade mocha frap, which has been sitting in my freezer for a few days and I'm guessing would taste pretty much awful at this point (and besides, I just sent the husband over to Starbucks for a pumpkin latte, so who needs homemade mochas this morning? Not this girl!)

A picture that did not make the cut ~ and trust me, you're glad it didn't! ~ would be of the two zucchini sitting in the drawer of my refrigerator. I'm really disappointed in myself for letting them go bad. I heart zucchini. :(

ok, I think that should do it for now. I'll be back to update our labor days ~ a little preview: I cleaned and conquered!!!

Happy Friday!


  1. I took "a moment to be thankful for the condensation built up on the plastic wrap." Really I did. LOL.You are bolder than most in publically erring your food waste. Most just swipe it into the trash and cry themselves to sleep. (wink)

  2. LOL

    perhaps just being thankful for the condensation isn't enough? Repentance may be necessary???

  3. oh boy....I have had those weeks - in fact, I do believe this past week was one - but my dearest husband cleared it out before I could take photo proof of my bad behaviour...

  4. I have to say that it is hard to believe that those were strawberries! Wow! Oh, I know the troubles of food waste well myself!

    I love your new background by the way (at least it's new to me)!