Monday, July 25, 2011

Should have. Maybe could have. But clearly didn't!

aawww hello, my blog. I didn't forget about you!

I should have updated sooner, and maybe I could have, but I just didn't. That's ok though, right? Or maybe I've violated some major rule in blogging? Is there an unspoken rule on neglecting your blog?

So, what have I been up to since my last post?
Wait...what was my last post? (opens a new tab to check) aahhh yes, I see. Food waste (haven't had any to report ~ yay me!) and the last week of the storage unit.
You'll love this update.

The husband cleaned our final things out of the storage unit the week following my last post. On that Monday he and his super great friend got the big stuff, and on Tuesday he loaded the last of the little stuff in his car (SUV, whatever) Now, we didn't have anywhere to put that stuff, and we were heading to TN that weekend to spend the 4th of July with family (i.e., ditch the kids for some quiet time to ourselves) so naturally we just left it all in his vehicle to clean out when we got home. The only thing is, we came home childless. My in-laws kept the kids for 10 days after we left, and our 15th wedding anniversary fell in the middle of their absence. Do you really think we spent that time cleaning closets and organizing? OF COURSE NOT!!! Granted, the husband had to work most of the weekdays we were childless (I was babysitting, don't judge me for not accomplishing anything!) but on his days off we had LOADS of fun together. And while I didn't pull out my infamous "do-me shoes" we still had a super wonderful time, just the two of us.

ahem.... back to the real update at hand. Sorry about that.

The kids got home on July 14th, and after being away from my babies for 10 days all I wanted to do was spend time with them. Over the last 10 days we've played lots of board games, watched movies, went swimming, went to the drive-in, and just had a relaxing time. It helped that the husband was off all last week, and since it was like 100+ degrees with that darn heat index, we spent a lot of time inside just vegging out and praising God for central a/c! However, we weren't totally lazy. The husband and I did tackle SOME projects while he was off last week, like...
*He unpacked boxes at his church office, and, upon finding he had some extra shelving space, he relieved our closet of some of those book boxes we had in it.
*We went through some of the boxes that have been blocking the use of my treadmill (so now I've no excuse not to use it) and we threw away/shredded a LOT of paper clutter (hooray for getting rid of paper clutter!)
*We moved some boxes around - boxes of things that we really don't have room to pull out in this apartment BUT have no intention of getting rid of. We may need to revisit what it means to simplify, again, I think.
*We unloaded SOME of what was in his car, but not all of it. However, I did throw away some things that we really should have never moved to begin with - things that hung out in storage until he put them into his car because I really had no clue what to do with them. It's all good now.

And, even though he still has a wagon, some gardening tools, fishing poles, and some other stuff I can't recall, all in his car, I feel accomplished. I don't like to look in our storage closet, but the rest of the place looks pretty good. It feels organized, comfortable, and I thrive on that. I even have some of our homeschooling materials all set up and ready to go. We still have a month until we begin our next school year, but I couldn't let the text books just sit in cardboard boxes and clutter up my space. ;-)

Now, one thing I did accomplish while the kids were gone was going through the toys and books in the little kids' room. That was much needed, I threw out broken stuff, drafted some items for the yard sale (that may be a little on the shady side, but oh well.)

So, I suppose I should set some goals for myself for these last few weeks of summer. Granted, my days are pretty much full Tuesday - Thursday with babysitting an infant, so that means those days are out leaving me with Monday, Friday, and maybe Saturday to work on some things.
*I need to go to my parents house and make sure we got all of our stuff (I know we didn't) clean up anything we may have just left laying around (because you know we did) and find somewhere to put that stuff here (as if that exists!)
*I think I could straighten up the shelf in my laundry closet to make it a little more organized. I put some art supplies up there the other day and used the mop handle to shove them far enough back that they wouldn't fall. Probably a bad idea.
*Help the older girls finish up their room. I tell them what I want them to do, but I'm guessing words alone aren't working in their teen/tween brains. Go figure.
*Sort through all of the hand-me-down clothes the little kids have. Get rid of stuff we'll never use either because they're too small or just are not things that appeal to us (... us meaning me.)
*Do something with my closet. I mean, really, this can't be how we'll keep it for the next 10 months, right?
*Tackle the dreaded storage closet. You really have no idea how out of control this thing is now. Ignoring it is easy, but won't work for long.

Another good goal could be not neglecting my blog for a month. I'll work on that.


  1. hehehe. I love your posts. Even if you're neglecting your blog, the humor in your post after your blog neglect is so worth the absence. =) Not to imply of course that you should have more absences to increase your humor. ;) And alas.... sigh... back to my closets, which have crept out (dies). You know... in all your free time (HA!) we should schedule some cleaning out. For serious. I'm still game. (Even if we both have 5 seconds of free time per week). =)

  2. We really should! If nothing else, we'll at least get some talking done. :) This Friday I've already promised myself I'll head over to my mom's place to finish the mess I started there, but maybe the NEXT Friday would work? (I think that's the 5th) Let me know what your life looks like that week... though I'm not even entirely sure I can fully commit to that yet. We should get Elijah's football practice schedule tonight though, so once we have that in hand I may have a better understanding of what my schedule looks like!

  3. So I just checked this three days later. Yay for ignoring online life, right? Ok. I'll call you - much more affective in schedule planning - - you know, unless you were planning on accomplishing a cleaning session for you know, like NEXT YEAR! hehehe. (Chants as a reminder) "I really will get your number from my husband, I really will get your number from my husband..."

  4. lol I just now checked this...I'm hopeless. However I did make all kinds of lists of things to do, ways to budget my time, and different blog post ideas SOOOOO lol we have three weeks of summer vacation left before we start our lessons back up. (YIKES!!!) My nephew is up from TN this week, so this week is out. Will you be home while they're on the mission trip? Because I should be able to do that week, or maybe the week after...

  5. Got your link through Cafemom.. Great blog!