Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The sights and sounds (and smells?) of a new neighborhood

This is pretty much just a picture post of our new community. Our apartment complex has two smallish ponds on the grounds, which makes for pretty scenery. These ponds also make a good home for ducks and geese! There are many, many, MANY ducks and geese in this apartment complex. In fact, did you know that geese will walk down a sidewalk? Not only that, but I think they may even prefer the sidewalk for their defecating needs over say maybe grass, dirt, or even their pond. Who knew?!

On our second day living here, Ellie and I decided to take a walk down to the mailbox to drop a few things in for the mail carrier (there is a USPS mail box here on site, which makes dropping our netflix dvd's very easy and convenient!), as well as check our own box. She rode her scooter, and I walked behind her, snapping some pictures along the way.

A mother goose and three of her goslings...

A very speedy Ellie :)

Ducks and ducklings, hiding in the shade (from that miserable orb in the sky - have I mentioned that I loathe summertime heat? Well, I do.)

Why did the duck cross the sidewalk?
Yeah... I don't know.

They all do this, every single time a person walks up to the pond - they are well trained in receiving table scraps! 

Not at all shy either.

See what I mean?!

I am working on another blog post, one that includes pics of our first night here, some of the progress we've made since then, and the great question regarding a few things - Should I keep or toss? Stay tuned!


  1. Just found you by way of Rachel and wanted to say hi! We moved from Ohio (Cincinnati) 8 years ago to Maine. The concept of simplifying and streamlining has always intrigued me. We have managed to do some, but still have a long way to go! ~Lili

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog, Lili! Our second child was born in Cincinnati ~ we lived there for a few years while my husband was a student at Cincinnati Bible College (which has changed its name... I believe it is now called Cincinnati Christian University.) Anyway, wow! Cincy to Maine is a BIG change! I'm sure you had to make some simplifying changes for that move.

    I hope you'll follow my blog and share some tips with me! :)