Thursday, June 16, 2011

Should it stay or should it go?!

So, honestly, today's post has been in the works since we moved in. I haven't gotten to the closet of boxes. Now, I could say that is because we've had nonstop softball games for over a week. I could say it is because I had to work (I do have some work that I do from home.) I could say it is because I had to spend hours balancing the check book, sorting my coupons, and planning my shopping for the week. BUT, really, when it comes down to it I could have went through the boxes at many different moments (I could be going through them right now!) but I chose not to. I will though - I have to. We need to collect the rest of our things from storage soon, and I don't want to have all of it cluttering our space.

Alrighty, confession aside, on to today's post!

So here are some things that I have...

Magnets! You may have noticed in my previous post that my fridge has many magnets. A lot of the ones I kept are cutesy fun magnets that Ellie still plays with. I figure one day, sooner than I'd like, we'll have to get rid of them. But for now Ellie still plays with them, so I still keep them. The ones above though... well, the seashell ones are kind of falling apart (throw away!), the sesame street ones came with bags of oranges a few years ago (no need to keep-clutter), the fabric covered ones are stained from years on the fridge (they came with towel sets we received as wedding gifts - that was 15 years ago. The towels are long gone, time for the magnets to go, too!) A few of the others are breaking, one has our dentists' info from PA (no longer needed), and the first aid magnet is stained with a marker that was not dry-erase. Soooo... this was an easy call to make. See ya magnets - you go to the garbage! The pretty dish goes, too. I don't have room for all of these platters, so the dish goes, but I've held on to it. I haven't decided if it is going into a yard sale or if it goes to goodwill. We'll see as time goes on.

Up next we have cups that have never been used!

These are cups that the husband brought home from work a few years ago. The classroom he was working in had extra's, and the teacher passed them on to our kiddos. The thought was nice BUT they got jammed into the back of a cabinet, packed when we moved, and now we face the decision of what to do. I say yard sale or goodwill. The kids would love to keep them, because they can draw a picture and put it IN the cup. Yeah, that's awesome, but my cabinets are full so they have to go. Sorry kids!

Santa cookie tins!
I just don't want them. lol They're cute. They would get used. BUT I have other containers I can use for cookies, we don't do "santa" (which is open for discussion if any one has any questions, but I won't go off topic with that right now) - I'm not anti-santa, I just don't have the room for these, someone else may value them more than I do, and I'm fine with parting with them.

So there is the first pile, including the coloring cups, cookie tins, and a few other things. A couple of pots, some plastic cups, some coffee mugs, a juicer (who needs two juicers?), and a hand mixer. The oh so awesome husband bought me a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for our anniversary in 2008, so I don't need a hand mixer anymore. Everything goes to either goodwill or a yard sale EXCEPT for the hand mixer, which my youngest sister has claimed!

Now on to a question - HELP PLEASE!!! We have plenty of coffee mugs. I'm the only one who uses them on a regular basis for my tea (the husband drinks iced espresso, rarely he'll have a hot latte), so the only other times they get used are with the kids and their hot chocolate. There are a few more that made their way to the pile that aren't in the picture above. But here are the ones in question...

Church mugs! What do I do??? The black latte mug is from a church we attended a few times while in TN, before joining with The River (also mentioned in a mug above - we have two River mugs) to help serve with a church plant. Northern Hills (mentioned above - we also have two of these) is the church that the husband and I began in - their founding pastor performed our marriage ceremony, I was "born again" there, the husband received his calling to ministry while we were there, they trained him and ordained him. Northern Hills holds a special place in our hearts. I don't have room for them in the cabinets - so they would be boxed and put away until we move into a house. What do I do?! Keep the mugs for sentimental reasons? (ok, the black one has no sentimental value - but it's a tall latte mug=AWESOME!!! lol) Do I get rid of them? Thoughts? Opinions? Help!


  1. I'm terrible with these types of things. There's really no reason to keep a bunch of mugs when you already have plenty of good ones (and some times they actually match the rest of your dishes), but I always feel bad throwing out things that have memories attached - and I'd really have trouble with the big latte mug - but sometimes you just have to do it. And chances are you wont remember the mugs in two years, but the memories wont have gone with them. :)

  2. Santa in the choo-choo is pretty darn cute. Looks like a keeper to me.

  3. YES!!! Rachel, most of our other mugs do match our plates and such. I have a few wide (not tall) latte mugs, and I kept the kids favorite cocoa mugs. I actually added the mugs above to my box of give away/garage sale items last night - when I had nowhere else to put them - and that is where they still are (though I'm not resolved yet!) Great insight on the memories! :) Thanks!

    Mom (Cindy <3) you can have the Santa Choo-Choo, if you'd like. :)

  4. I say bye bye mugs!!! It seems like we have gotten rid of sooo many mugs, and more just keep showing up. I agree with Rachel that the memories will not go with the mugs. Plus, now you have a pic of the mugs to remember them fondly. :-)

  5. I say take a picture of the mugs to help with your sentimental value and then send their sentimental selves to someone else. hehe. No seriously, I find that pictures of sentimental things are many times more helpful in those borderline clutter items. P.S. The juicer? If you still have we want. We have juicer-ish children in this joint. =) We'll even trade you a junk of ours for yours. Kidding. =)

  6. Oh and P.S. about the "color a picture and put them in the mugs" maybe regift as a children's present? You could send it as your next birthday card in a cup for a kid friend with a lovely curly straw. =) Just an idea.