Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Crunch Time!

I've had a busy week! Busy means no blog posting, and unfortunately, it also meant not cleaning that closet some more. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself!

So, totally not related to simplifying, I started babysitting this week. Monday I had my four PLUS three more. The husband's lifelong best friend was in a bind and I told him I'd help him where I could. We've got a nifty little arrangement here - I watch his three (conveniently close in age to my kids, so they pretty much amuse themselves), he'll provide lunch for the entire kiddo crew. We're all  happy. The kids get plenty of play time together, the husbands bff is no longer in need of finding (and paying) a babysitter, and I get several hours of having amused children - freeing me up to do my couponing homework for the week! It worked beautifully! AND THEN Tuesday I began babysitting my youngest sister's, best friend's, baby. Did you follow that? lol He's three months old, sweet as can be, full of smiles, and *almost* makes me wish there was room in our home for one more. (*ALMOST*) In addition to the additional children this week, we've had softball tournament/activities most evenings. As sad as we are to see the season end, the free time (??? if such a thing exists) it should give us will be nice.

My summer shall be full, but my Friday's are free, so here we are. And it is CRUNCH TIME!!! One week from today we have to be completely out of storage. I went there earlier this week and picked up a few things, but that's all I've done. So this weekend I think we'll be pretty busy with that. I just hope that whatever we bring home has a place to go. We shall see! If not, well, you'll definitely be seeing a lot of posts from me in the weeks to come!

Food Waste Friday, or not. :) We have almost no food waste this week! Yay! The only thing we do have is a piece of toast in a baggie (not worth taking a picture - we've all seen toast) from a breakfasty type dinner earlier this week. It's all good though, we'll feed it to the ducks tonight!

I'll get my blogging self back to work this coming week and update with how the final week of storage unloading goes. God willing, it will go smoothly!

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