Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally feeling (somewhat) settled...

I think this will be another mostly picture post, just to show our unpacking progress. I wish I had taken pictures of our storage unit before we began to empty it. You may not believe this, but we seriously had that thing jam packed from floor to almost ceiling. It's amazing just how much a family of six can accumulate!

So on our first day "living" here, after a week of hauling boxes (just me and the kiddos - the husband was able to escape the pain of box hauling at first because he had to work), this is what "home" looked like:
This is the view from just inside the entry way - the husband took the pictures on this day, as I was making stromboli (dough and all! Give me a little counter space and it's amazing what I can do!) So yeah, that doesn't look too bad, I guess. Here is a picture pretty much from that same angle, just two days later:

Here are few more pictures from our first day...
Standing in our bedroom doorway, looking into the kitchen area

The little kids room

The big kids room

Looking down the hall where the kids rooms are

A mess of stuff in the master bedroom

We slept on an air mattress for the first two nights - but when OUR bed finally made its way to our new home from storage, we stayed up extra late to make sure it got put together so we could finally sleep in it again. If you don't have a bed that you absolutely love, you may not be able to appreciate this as much. We've been without this bed for 8/9 months though. Staying up late to set up the bed was worth the hour or so of sleep lost just to set it up! Here's a pic of our room hours before the bed was set up!

Here are a couple of other pics from our first few days...

So we lived like that for a few days, added more furniture, more boxes, continued to live like that for a few days more.

The husband actually took last week off from job number two to help with the unpacking and such, and he did help, but the bulk of the work was accomplished on Monday and Tuesday of this week - by yours truly.

Want to see the pics of what this place looks like now?
(You know you do!)

There will be a treadmill in that far corner - once we get it from storage!

That closed door at the end of the hall, that would be the older girls room - no pics of that room. They are messy teen/tween girls. Maybe they'll pull it together and we can take a peek in a day or two, but I make no guarantees. I will say though that they DID have it clean at one point AND they've unpacked all but two of their boxes. Not too bad!

Doesn't it look cozy? And it's SO wonderful not to have boxes all over the place. =)

So how did I do it? Well...
 This is the master bedroom closet - which looks ok at first glance, but then...

Now, in my defense - those banana boxes and the ones on top of them are FULL of books. The husband is an avid reader, he is raising miniature avid readers, and then there's the whole pastor thing - one of those banana boxes is ALL commentaries, one is ALL Bibles, one is ALL scripture reference books. And those are for his leisure time - he has an office full of books as well. We had beautiful built-in bookshelves in our house in Pennsylvania. The only problem with built-in's is that you can't take them with you when you move. We need bookshelves!

My lia sophia things are in there, I think this is where they'll live. And yes, those are MY twilight novels (don't knock it - I liked the series before they created those movies!) There is also a copy of the complete Chronicles of Narnia in that stack, as well as The Lord of the Rings. And up on that top shelf - homeschool records (not Do-Si-Do's, sorry!) and Christmas decor stuff. I'm hoping that those boxes will make their way to the storage closet... oh, you haven't seen the storage closet yet? oops...

That would be a VERY deep closet - full of all those dreaded boxes. *sigh*  Here's the dealio, I HAVE to go through ALL of those boxes by the end of this month so that we can get the last of our things out of storage (including bicycles, wagons, other outdoor fun things, and some miscellaneous stuff as well) and then we will store much of it in this very deep closet. Be ready for post after post of "What will I throw away next?" and "Should this stay or should it go?"

So, the truth is, I'm an organized hoarder at the moment. And the boxes are far from over. But hey, at least I can chillax on my couch late at night and totally ignore that small detail, right?

Speaking of late at night - wow! I am a night owl, but even 2:00 in the morning is late for me. I do believe Ms. Ellie has finally fallen asleep though. She's taking some time to adjust to her new bedroom, and our late evening softball games don't seem to be helping her wind down much either! We are getting settled though, and I think my pillow is calling my name!


  1. YAY congrats on all the hard work. I love the accent of red in your new place. Really cute. And YAY for hiding boxes for temporary chillaxing! =) Hope you acquire some "free time" for more box organizing soon. You know, in the mix of being a mom to 4 kids, softball joys, planting a church, keeping up on your blog, and generally all the other "free time" on the requirements-of-being-a-mom list. hehe. Wonderful job, though. Moving is a chore indeed, but such a blessing when you can exhail the "we made it" sigh. =)

  2. I think you are a rock star!!! You are doing an awesome job! I have a stack of boxes like the ones in your closet, except that they are outside of the closet(on hubby's side) and have been there for least 7 years. Books also. You are inspiring me! Keep at it! If you can deal with your books, maybe I can deal with mine!

  3. Thanks ladies! :)

    Elizabeth, sounds like we both need bookshelves! If I come across any sales, I'll let you know!