Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The move-in process has begun!

Well, we signed our lease on Monday, and we are officially moving in! =) Yesterday I took the first load of boxes over with the kids, and started to slightly freak out when I realized just how little cabinet space the kitchen has! This wasn't news to me, I guess I just hadn't thought too much of it before!

The apartment itself is nice ~ berber carpet, nice doors and fixtures, spacious closets, etc. We did a pre-lease signing walk through, and most of the annoyances that we had asked them to fix were fixed before we started with the boxes yesterday. Now, we've lived in some not so nice places, and we've also lived in some very nice places. At first glance, I would have thought this place fell closer to the nice places... I'm not saying that it isn't... but I guess at this point I'm just hoping that it falls on the nicer side of the middle! Apparently we have a problem with rain water somehow coming under our door and into our entryway - not nice. And the master bedroom window wouldn't stay open upon our inspection, and whatever they did to fix it now has the opposite effect, because now it won't open up at all - not nice. My biggest concern though is our feet - which turned blue after walking on the carpet. It (the carpet) kind of felt like soap residue, if that makes any sense. Ellie's were the worst (she may be small, but I'm pretty sure she covers more miles than any us! She was running all over the place yesterday!) Her feet actually looked as though she had taken a blue/green piece of chalk and just rubbed it all over her feet. So of course I called about this, because that's just nasty, and apparently they hire someone to come in and clean their carpets. I suggested finding someone else! I'm really not sure what else to do though, we're moving stuff in daily for the next several days, I think I'm going to have to just shampoo it myself because there really isn't time for them to send someone out again.

Now, my mini-rant aside, I am trying to stay focused on the very positive here. God has provided for us a home to call our own. There may be some downsides, but there are many good-sides as well. (And the lease is only for 11 months, so hopefully come this time next year, we'll have purchased a house in the area and can start to feel truly "grounded" here!) We'll have our things out of storage, our own beds, our own couch, our own cups and spoons. Yes, I will be simplifying and getting rid of some things, but the comfort of having our own space will truly be nice.

Speaking of simplifying... I started emptying some of those boxes yesterday, and my camera is charging so that I can share with you the first few things that I know will not make it anywhere within the apartment other than another box for a yard sale/donation OR the garbage can! Nothing too exciting just yet, but enough to get me started!

Lastly, and this is a bit off topic, but if you pray, please lift up those who have been (and will be) in the lines of these awful tornadoes. The devastation is just heartbreaking. There have also been wildfires in Texas, so cover those affected there in prayer as well.


  1. How wonderful to have your own place - even if it's just a temp until you can get into your new house. I can understand the value of a "family space" of just your kids and hubby. And I'm really excited to have a new blog to read. YAY! Also, I would like to offer to help you all move in if you want the help. Sorry my introverted and "running the show" for my family on Sundays keep me a bit distracted and quiet on Sundays, but I really had intended on asking you in person to help if you all wanted the help once Julie announced your moving date. Hope the carpet is looking and feeling a bit less blue these days. =)

  2. Monica, I totally understand how chaotic Sunday mornings can be for a pastors wife! No worries! If you'll be around this weekend and coming week (depending on how much we accomplish this weekend) I may take you up on that offer. :)

    And you know, the carpet doesn't look blue at all - that's what really boggles my mind! I haven't let the kids run around in there barefoot since that first day though - how sad is that? Pray for me! I'll be going in to talk with the management tomorrow, with a list that Brad has made of things he wants fixed. :-/ I'm usually pretty good at staying calm and polite - but honestly (and TMI... I can be the queen of TMI though, so... yeah, that's me! lol) I have like the worst case of PMS right now! I'm late, I'm exhausted, I'm bloated, I'm exhausted, I'm crabby, I'm exhausted. oh, and did I mention I'm exhausted?! Pray that I keep my moodswings in check!